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The Best Manufacturers in the Industry

Nu-Meat Technology is proud to be in partnership with these trusted companies for over 20 years.


Friedrich - Brown Summit, North Carolina

Friedrich, a division of Nu-Meat Technology, Inc., works with companies throughout the United States and Europe, providing quality component parts, custom fabricated equipment and products.

Part of the attitude for success shared by every member of the Friedrich team is a dedication to customer service.  When you need an answer for your unique situation, we deliver quick response whether from our customer service department, our engineers or administrative staff. 

Learn more about our FRIEDRICH line of equipment.


Metalquimia - Girona, Spain

Metalquimia is the world leader in technology and machinery for the manufacturing of cooked and marinated meat products. Its success has been achieved in part by core values of ingenuity, value, product differentiation, service and quality. 

For our customers, we hope to increase your profitability via productivity, quality, safety, ergonomics, maintenance, and most importantly, the duration and efficiency of our machinery. These are, without a doubt, the great distinguishing features of Metalquimia.

Learn more about our METALQUIMIA line of equipment.


Menozzi - Albinea, Italy

Menozzi Food Technology is a leading equipment manufacturer in the food industry. Since 1957, they have supplied brine make-up equipment for both large and small meat processors. Known for their high standards and attention to detail, Menozzi has grown into an internationally recognized organization and has been partnered with Nu-Meat since 1993. Together, we continue to provide the North American market with high-quality, durable, easy-to-use and to maintain, brine preparation equipment.

Learn more about our MENOZZI line of equipment.


Germos - Remshalden, Germany

The Fessmann family has been manufacturing Germos smokehouses and generators since 1962 and created their revolutionary vapor smoke concept over 40 years ago. Today, this technique continues to provide a fast, rich-colored, natural smoke for all varieties of meat products. Nu-Meat, teamed up with Germos, provides our customers with superior smoking technology.

Learn more about our GERMOS line of equipment.


LASKA - Linz, Austria

LASKA is the leading international brand in the meat processing and associated food industries and has an outstanding product portfolio in terms of functionality, robustness, safety and the exceptional quality of the data processing its machinery provides.

Learn more about our LASKA line of equipment.

Singer and Sohn Logo

SINGER & SOHN - Berching, Germany

Singer & Sohn has been manufacturing top of the line equipment in Europe for over 20 years. The company was founded in 1978 by Otto Singer is focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of conveyor systems and special machines for the food industry. 
Customers throughout Europe and overseas know the value of 20+ years of experience, stability, efficiency and innovativeness of Singer & Sohn.

Learn more about our SINGER & SOHN line of equipment.

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